SCC introduces a new space commerce economic development model to America and internationally to its allies and partners. SCC’s participation internet seeds the space commerce economy, and used to create economic development around emerging, transformative, deep and nondisruptive space technology integrated hardware and software products and systems. The space commerce economy converges a massive market governed by forces of supply and demand where participants work together in cooperative interdisciplinary participation relationships, and secure their intellectual property from theft. SCC consults with CPRDACA participants on infusing automation and resilience into an efficiency mindset. 

Central to the space commerce economy is responsible equitable distribution of economic growth through stakeholder and resident cooperative participation. Today’s economy suffers from centralization risk, which is influenced by political positioning and corporate lobbies. This leads to inefficiencies, inequitable allocation of resources, and self dealing. Integration of the space commerce economy is essential for equitable economic growth across America and elsewhere. A public or political taking, operation, management or monetizing our strategies or digital software platforms is contraindicated for successful implementation of this new economy. 

No single U.S. city, county, state, federal installation, academic institution, laboratory or technology center can realize its full potential when operating in a silo or within the current fractured U.S. economic model, especially when AI is added to the equation. SCC’s CPRDACA, participation internet and space commerce economy model breaks down siloed stakeholders and converges them into cooperative interdisciplinary participation relationships for creation and commercialization of outer and terrestrial space technologies into public and private applications.