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SCC introduces horizontal cooperative participation to all Port stakeholders. Cooperative participation will be implemented into all phases of ideation, R&D and space technology commercialization. Working within horizontal teams is essential for America to rapidly and efficiently build, own and dominate the global space commerce economy. It allows stakeholders to move outside of their siloed structures to identify colleagues with complimentary expertise to create emerging, transformative, deep or nondisruptive space technologies and commercialize into public and private applications. 

SCC breaks down siloed structures through redesign, to operate in interdisciplinary teams according to the type of product or system sought to be commercialized. One component of the redesign is seamlessly linking structures, using SCC’s software platforms, so activities can be identified that facilitate cooperative participation. Another component is learning of stakeholders expertise within a Port location to establish cooperative interdisciplinary participation relationships relative to a particular project. 

SCC’s software platforms act like a virtual bridge linking like minded people with capacity to work across boundaries to ideate and create. Simply put, on every project, the best minds in government, academia and private sector come together in interdisciplinary teams, and with continuous connection, they ideate, create, conduct R&D and commercialize space technologies. SCC’s new design facilitates passion, focus and achievement. 

SCC consults with Port stakeholders on how to customize their CPRDACA, and then select, transfer and commercialize marketable emerging, transformative, deep and nondisruptive space technologies spinning out of a CPRDACA. SCC consults with residents and businesses within in a Port location to direct automation of R&D and commercialization process. For instance, if a party is located outside of a particular Port and their services are needed in a commercialization project, stakeholders can vet the party and invite them to establish physical presence within the Port in which their services are needed. For example, if a company in Port A is launching a cubesat constellation into polar orbit, and a cubesat R&D company in Port B is needed, stakeholders in Port A can invite the company in Port B to join the Port A launch team. Space technology commercialization will eventually impact every conceivable technology, industry, market, business and government sector in America, to include the military, NASA, DoD, DoE, USDA, and other federal agencies. 

SCC digitally converges all stakeholders within a Port location. All can operate OTT of SCC’s software platforms, and use SCC’s Startup Triangle model (combines SCC’s digital software platforms, college or university entrepreneur or innovation departments, and business incubator/accelerator/investors for startup company development) to facilitate rapid development of startup companies, and help them transition to the participation internet and the space commerce economy. SCC consults in cooperative participation with all applicable government sectors, including military, NASA, DoD, DoE and USDA R&D facilities, and colleges universities, startup workspaces, accelerators, incubators and residents. SCC consults with stakeholders to create a nationwide network for emerging, transformative , deep, and nondisruptive space technology enabled device and system prototyping, short and final run manufacturing and assembly processes, and help create thousands of related ventures. 

SCC builds markets, brands and manages Ports to become the world’s next technology investment hubs, using SCC’s digital software platform companies, participation internet and its space commerce economy models. SCC consults to help launch the most extensive and aggressive talent, entrepreneur and early stage startup recruitment, incumbent business relocation, and investment attraction campaign in history. SCC consults on initial talent recruiting efforts focused on athletic directors at top-tier research colleges and universities located in northern states to host all of their spring season athletic teams for preseason training at southern Port locations, and scrimmage against local area athletic teams during their spring break period. Teams include: men and women’s tennis, track and field, lacrosse, men’s baseball, women’s softball, and other outdoor sports teams entering their spring season. This annual spring break training period presents a spectacular opportunity to introduce student athletes to southern Port locations, and for stakeholders to recruit some of the most gifted talent in America. Imagine top tier research college or university student athletes coming to your Port annually for preseason training. SCC consults on Port stakeholders taking a seat next to some of the largest companies in the world at top tier research college or university student recruiting fairs, held annually on their campuses. 

Imagine top tier research colleges and universities locating a physical presence in your Port for student employment placement. Imagine your Port sponsoring joint R&D exchange projects with these colleges and universities. Imagine the advantage your Port stakeholders will have when recruiting the best and brightest college or university graduates in America, or relocating some of the most gifted faculty into your local colleges or universities.