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Our Mission

Space Commerce Consultancy (SCC) is the first and only multi-service space commerce consultancy in the world operating in the outer and terrestrial space sectors to commercialize emerging, transformative, deep and nondisruptive technologies into public and private market applications. SCC joins the U.S. military, NASA, DoD, DoE, USDA, academia and private enterprise into cooperative participation relationships to commercialize these technologies. SCC creates a new economic development model to found America’s new “Space Commerce Economy.” 

As a trailblazer in the economic development, business and job creation sectors. SCC transitions the U.S. economy from its current culture of operating in silos to cooperative participation relationships between the military, NASA, DoD, DoE, USDA, academia and private enterprise working together in seamlessly connected “Enterprise Ports” (Ports) across the U.S. SCC’s new economic development model has enormous benefits as compared to R&D and commercialization models used today. First, instead of the federal government allocating $billions into an industry sector, it can allocate necessary funds after a project has been vetted, thereby increasing success by multiples. Second, project vetting includes marketability. Third, reduces tax payer risk by multiples. Fourth, companies operating in outer space commercialization, such as building human habitats, space tourism, mining and short distance transportation markets are decades away from generating revenue. SCC new business models allow these companies to obtain seed funding from venture capital firms, and generate revenue and profits early on by commercializing their outer space technologies into terrestrial applications. This also minimizes cautionary tales of unproven markets. 

SCC collaborates with the U.S. Department of State, Department of Commerce, Office of Space Commerce, Aerospace Corporation, Space Development Agency, U.S. Space Cyber Security Working Group, Space and other ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Center), Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, National Space Council, SpaceCom, and Space Force to rapidly, efficiently and economically build the new space commerce economy in the U.S., and capture 85% of the $trillion(s) global space commerce market for American communities. Tying the military, NASA, DoD, DoE and USDA R&D facilities into the space commerce economy will ensure congressional funding of SpaceCom and Space Force. 

SCC boasts a complete production ready economic turnaround model for a city or community. SCC architects, designs, builds brands, digitally connects, manages and consults on creating an “Enterprise Port” (Port) across the U.S. Ports are America’s new business creation and economic development powerhouses that transfer and commercialize outer space technologies to terrestrial applications and vice-versa. SCC is developing a full stack of software for internal and external horizontal communication and information sharing between Port stakeholders, required for Mid 21st Century creation and commercialization, coined 

“Participation Internet.” SCC serves Ports first, then consults on private enterprise to commercialize outer and terrestrial space technologies. Ports are digital, smart, and expand opportunity for all Americans. Everything SCC does is driven by their brand principal, “Made in America with American Minds.”