1. Selecting and transferring emerging, transformative, deep and nondisruptive space technologies for cooperative participation R&D commercialization under CPRDACAs;

2. Pursue R&D, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, assembly and commercialization entrepreneurs to locate within EB-5 centers, promise or opportunity zones;

3. Startup company prototype development of emerging, transformative, deep, and nondisruptive space technology products and systems under National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA);

4. Product system development opportunities under military, NASA,DoD (DIU), DoE and USDA agency programs;

5. Prototyping, testing, manufacturing and assembly participation companies provide office and conference space and use of specialized equipment to startups;

6. Entrepreneur introduction to peers, mentors, investment and prototyping, testing, manufacturing and assembly participating companies;
7. Community makeover model;

8. Start-up Triangle model;

9. ALP;

10. Entrepreneur application process and team founding;

11. Funding sources;

12. Implement startup accelerator operation committee of experts;

13. Collaboration with area startup incubators/accelerators/workspaces;

14. Integrate SCC’s digital software platforms;

15. Partner with private sector for quantum/teleportation and 5g network build-out and deployment;

16. Manage Space Fund;

17. Manage OZ Fund;

18. Manage Ports;

19. Smart community development;

20. Sponsor “Campaign For Space Commerce Economy USA, and “TRIBALCOM;”

21. “Open Minds” year-round events;

22. Establishing AISCs in Ports;

23. Expanding Port membership in space commerce economy ISAC;

24. SCC’s “Customize” services comprise of consulting, directing and participating with entrepreneurs and startup and incumbent companies individually, or in joint ventures, to commercialize technologies for outer and terrestrial space applications. SCC’s experts select technologies with a global market, and at least $1 billion valuation; and

25. Partnering technologies with federal institutions, academia and private companies that meet expectations, needs, overcome challenges, provide strategic capabilities, build significant new revenue sources, integrate a “Digital Product and Services Factory” (DPSF) model for ideation, incubation, industrialization, and run and scale process.
Most technologies created for outer space applications may not reach profitability for decades, if at all. But many have enormous value in terrestrial markets. SCC’s model benefits today’s outer space commercialization ventures by providing revenue and opportunities now.
SCC projects thousands of new startup companies will be founded, tens of thousands of high paying jobs created, and unprecedented investment will flow into a Port. Within five years, a Port should become the largest breeding ground for entrepreneur founded startup companies in U.S. history. SCC’s digital software platforms will assist with entrepreneur and employee relocation by allowing them to conduct an analysis on which Port’s industry or market sectors best serve their interests, talent or skills, and form strategic relationships.