First of its kind facility where the brightest college and university faculty, undergrad, masters and post doc students in America, military members, NASA, DoD, DoE and USDA national laboratories and technology centers, Port stakeholders, NextGen TV developers, 5G Network technology manufactures, mentors, advisors, investors, private sector experts and visitors converge in engaging relationships to cooperatively participate in ideation relating to R&D and commercialize emerging, transformative, deep, and nondisruptive space technology enabled and AI infused products and systems for outer and terrestrial space applications. 

Brain Works is not a work space, startup incubator or accelerator program. It is an intellectual and creative hub. Instead of admitting startup companies into a three or more months-long program using its expertise and startup funding, Brain Works allows CPRDACA participants, mentors and advisors to formulate ideas for products and systems that can be efficiently and economically commercialized into public and private applications, in an identified industry or market track, such as outer or terrestrial space. 

Brain Works is an enhanced venture studio. SCC’s staff will consult with startup founders to attract investment from SCC’s OZ Fund or Space Fund, conduct a full market analysis, R&D, prototyping, recruit an interdisciplinary team, team with Port location businesses for short and long run manufacturing or assembly, and commercialize. 

SCC’s Brain Works model is designed for rapid ideation and validation testing. The model uses software platforms created by SCC members throughout all processes. This helps SCC and investors vet a team composition, discontinue unworkable concepts or projects early on, and make investment and other resources available to greatly enhance startup company chances for success. Every Brain Works partners and collaborates with private sector leaders in cloud computing, hardware, digital media, and many others to create and build things together, and gain access to new valuable markets. 

Each Brain Works will house a private sector sponsored “Space Fabrication Laboratory” (Fab Lab), to help create and support a Port’s local talent pipeline. Fab Labs support science, technology, engineering, arts and math education by providing hands-on learning opportunities for high school students. Students utilize state-of-the-art hardware and software in cooperation with private sector, and interactive connection with other Fab Labs worldwide. 

Brain Works will house a café seamlessly blended into its workspace, serving snacks, food and beverages filled with ingredients proven to compliment human brain cognition, alertness and creativity. The café will facilitate a feel-good and engaging environment. 

Brain Works’ members and visitors have use of SCC’s software platforms to enter into the participation internet and space commerce economy. Brain Works will become front and center at career fairs on every top-tier college and university campus located within or near a Port location. Talent can apply to all startups, incumbent companies or federal research institutions with a single resume. SCC staff members will assist matching applicants with specific roles at a company or federal institution. Startup founder driven students can be matched with Founder investors in the OZ Fund or Space Fund. Students seeking graduate or post doc positions can be matched with college and university programs.