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SCC comprises of a small family of brilliant, aggressive, fearless, battle hardened and hungry technology, business management, finance, economics, economic development, law, and human condition experts, with a MIT pedigree. MIT ranks the number 1 university in the world for the last eight years. SCC’s team members are innovators. They assess risk intelligently and builds something different that трудоустройство в сбп creates value. They are visionaries. They know what is coming around the corner before it gets there. They are futurists. They solve problems that currently have no solution. SCC’s team is the /keto-pure/ best in the world at what they do. SCC’s message for entrepreneurial success is: “if you don’t tработа москва ake a lane no one can tell you to stay in it.” SCC’s role in a Port is similar to how a CEO of a fortune 100 company operates, with a significant exception. SCC digitally transitions all stakeholders within a работа мск Port to cooperatively participate to expand existing economic opportunities into new space technology commercialization industries or market sectors, using an “interdisciplinary convergence jobitel.com structure” (ICS). 

SCC’s team is like the Big Bang, where matter was initially dispersed without mass, then formed into planets and stars. SCC instinctively blends a mass of creation, technology, business and economic development into new strategies, and solves problems in the global marketplace before they become yours. SCC is designing the Participation Internet in the vision of Sir Bernes-Lee, he coined a “Socialtechnical System,” and seed the new space commerce economy. 

A member of SCC’s team, while a sophomore at MIT, invented the Cooperative Participating Research Development and Commercialization Agreement (CPRDACA), a modified version of a traditional Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), and pioneered the military, academia and private company relational agreement and commercialization process in 2005. The first CPRDACA was launched in San Antonio, Texas with the Air Force and MIT conducting cooperative participation R&D, and Global Enterprises commercialize innovative technologies into public and private applications. The CPRDACA has intellectual property ownership terms baked-in. 

In 2008, economists Oliver Hart and John Moore researched contract theory, concluding the need for mechanisms to continually align needs of contract participants. Also in 2008, colleagues of Oliver Hart; David Frydlinger and Kate Vitasek, conducted research with the University of Tennessee that led to the vested methodology for creating formal relational contracts, they deemed a new approach to contract creation. In 2016, Moore was co-awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences on this subject matter. However, a member of SCC’s team already created the theory of formal relational contracts, and actually implemented the method in 2005, using the CPRDACA. 

SCC raises standards of living, quality of life and upward mobility opportunities for all residents and stakeholders in a Port location, and increase economic competitiveness, domestically and internationally. SCC consults with Port stakeholders on additions to their existing pre-K through grade 12 academic curriculum that will build a pipeline of creative, analytical and over https://jobitel.com achieving students into their colleges and universities, or directly into the space commerce economy. SCC consults on new employment opportunities for residents living in Port communities. SCC consults on creating value for Americans using digital media platforms. SCC consults with OZ Fund and Space Fund Founders to select emerging, transformative, deep and nondisruptive technologies that can be efficiently and economically commercialized, and readily attract investment in a given Port location. SCC consults with Port stakeholders to direct design, prototyping, assembly, short and final run manufacturing, using a modified systems design thinking process.