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SCC introduces horizontal cooperative participation to all Port stakeholders. Cooperative participation will be implemented into all phases of ideation, R&D and space technology commercialization. Working within horizontal teams is essential for America to rapidly and efficiently build, own and dominate the global space commerce economy. It allows stakeholders to move outside of their siloed structures to identify colleagues with complimentary expertise to create emerging, transformative, deep or nondisruptive space technologies… Read More

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SCC comprises of a small family of brilliant, aggressive, fearless, battle hardened and hungry technology, business management, finance, economics, economic…


Space Commerce Consultancy (SCC) is the first and only multi-service space commerce consultancy in the…

Validation of scc’s business

SCC’s first win was in 2005. A member of SCC’s team, then CEO of Global…

Port Network

Rapid development of a seamlessly linked Port network across the U.S. will change how the…

Commerce Economy

SCC introduces a new space commerce economic development model to America and internationally to its…

Commerce economy data lake

Bedrock for rapid and efficient scalability, sustainable and high performance is data, focused around stakeholder…


SCC is founding the “Opportunity Zone Fund, Inc.” (OZ Fund) to invest in qualified opportunity…


A creative Agency With A Passion

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Selecting and transferring

Selecting and transferring

 Selecting and transferring emerging, transformative, deep and nondisruptive space technologies for cooperative participation R&D commercialization under CPRDACAs;

SCC’s “Customize” services comprise

SCC’s “Customize” services comprise

 SCC’s “Customize” services comprise of consulting, directing and participating with entrepreneurs and startup and incumbent companies individually, or in joint ventures, to commercialize technologies for outer and terrestrial space applications. SCC’s experts select technologies with a global market, and at least $1 billion valuation; and 25. Partnering technologies with federal institutions, academia and private companies that […]

SCC projects

SCC projects

SCC projects thousands of new startup companies will be founded, tens of thousands of high paying jobs created, and unprecedented investment will flow into a Port. Within five years, a Port should become the largest breeding ground for entrepreneur founded startup companies in U.S. history. SCC’s digital software platforms will assist with entrepreneur and employee […]